Treatments for Incontinence, Sexual Function, or Vaginal Laxity


Bladder Leakage & Sexual Dysfunction

are more common than you may think


of women experience BLADDER LEAKAGE also know as URINARY INCONTINENCE (UI). 46% of these women say their symptoms impact their SEXUAL FUNCTION


of women suffer from SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION

> 1/4

of collegiate female athletes who’ve never had children experience URINARY INCONTINENCE while participating in their sport


Viveve is a revolutionary treatment that targets the vaginal tissues to tighten the area and encourage collagen regeneration. Viveve is non-surgical, safe, effective, gentle, and leaves the surface tissues with no damage for a comfortable treatment experience. Are you experiencing:


Urine leakage when laughing, sneezing or exercising?

Vaginal dryness or discomfort?

A decrease in arousal and sensation during intercourse?


Recent clinical studies of the Viveve system showed results of improved vaginal function, lubrication, and tightness and the treatment has been approved across the world for treatment of urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity and for improving sexual function.


Viveve targets the deep tissue of the vagina and heats the area to encourage healthy blood flow and jumpstart your body’s natural collagen production. Viveve combines deep tissue heating and cooling to rejuvenate collagen formation with comfortable pulses of cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to improve vaginal function. Viveve uses the pulses of monopolar radiofrequency energy that’s cryogen-cooled with an algorithm that encourages distribution of energy to the vaginal tissues to treat the entire area evenly.

The rejuvenating treatment only takes about 30 minutes. It’s safe, non-surgical, and requires no anesthesia. There is no downtime required after you receive this vaginal regeneration treatment. Viveve is gentle and leaves surface tissue intact so many patients go back to work and regular activity after the procedure. Viveve is a pain-free treatment. Most patients report the sensation of heat and cooling during the procedure with no pain. Viveve only requires one treatment so patients can enjoy the gradual vaginal tissue improvement results with no worry of side-effects or continued treatments.

Vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence are common, and our team at Revive Wellness and Rejuvenation can help. Call us today for your free and discreet consultation and experience the comfort and confidence of vaginal rejuvenation with our new Viveve service today!

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